Chrono Connect Unlock Credits

As an anti-piracy measure UCode.enc files are unique to the computer that you have generated the ICode.enc file on and will not work on any other computer.

Obviously sometimes there may be the need to change computers, or upgrade the system software and this will render the licence useless on the new setup.

Rather than having to buy a new licence code for Chrono Connect we have changed the way that the Unlock Codes work so that you can create new licence codes as you need them.

The licence codes and credits work as follows.

  • Each purchase entitles you to 3 credits per year.
  • You can purchase extra credits if you need them.
  • Credits are renewed annually from the purchase date.
  • Each UCode.enc file costs 1 credit.
  • Each UCode.enc file lasts 1 year from the generation date.

This means that you can use your software well into the future, and can even use it on more than one computer if you have spare credits.

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