Chrono Connect PC

Chrono Connect PC

The Chronograph Data Logging Program

Chrono Connect 1.6 is program for collecting data from a chronograph connected by serial cable, USB-Serial adapter cable or USB ( for CED M2 ) to a PC.

Chrono Connect registers and can let you save the power of projectiles being fired through your chronograph.

Free to use or pay to unlock additional features.

The program is free to use in its demo mode for as long as you wish however the demo mode does have some limitations that are not disabled in the full version.

  • The Demo will not save your settings for chronograph connection.
  • The Demo will not save your settings for pellets entered.
  • The Demo will not save your settings for guns entered.
  • The Demo does not have access to the internet database of guns and pellets
  • The Demo will not keep more than 10 shots in the string.

Why use it?

  • Large on screen power and speed display
  • No calculator needed - works the power out for you!
  • Display the power in your choice of Ft.Lbf, Joules or IPSC Factor
  • Display the speed in your choice of Feet per second or Meters per second
  • See shot string statistics instantly including average speed and power and standard deviation.
  • Save any size string of shots to spreadsheet format for use in programs such as Excel or Google Docs
  • Dump shot strings saved in your chronographs memory* (Not Combro)
  • Concentrate on the shooting rather than logging and maths!


  • Chronographs
    • Shooting Chrony Models
    • Combro CB-625
    • ProChrono Digital
    • CED M2
  • Operating Systems
    • Windows 95
    • Windows 98/98se
    • Windows ME/2000/XP
    • Windows Vista(32Bit/64Bit)
    • Windows 7(32Bit/64Bit)
    • Linux using WINE

Unlock Features

The demo can be unlocked providing you with a full logging program for every shot fired over your chronograph during a shooting session without writers cramp!

Unlocking your copy of Chrono Connect 1.6 not only makes it easier to use but will allow you to save the full collected shot string into a CSV file for use in any spreadsheet where you can create charts, list and graphs.

Once you have purchased credits you can unlock in program by clicking the Unlock button and entering a username and password you are given when you purchase.

Buy Unlock Credits

Download Chrono Connect

Chrono Connect is currently on version 1.6, to download click the button below.

You can also download older versions of Chrono Connect if you need one for compatibility reasons.

Download 1.6 See Older Versions

Graph Me

You can use our online Graph Me tool to create charts for the web and BBS systems to help show others in a nice easy format how your gun is performing, or not.

When you use this feature we cache all uploaded graphs to build a picture of Pellet types used, rifles used, calibers used etc. This means you are helping in the future development of Chrono Connect.