Chrono Connect FAQs

Below is a list of the most frequent questions we are asked.

  • Chrono Connect Mobile

    • Q: Menus cannot be accessed on my Android phone. Help!
    • Most Android phones that do not have a hardware menu button have a setting to use the home key as a menu button when you press and hold it.

      You may have to double check for your particular device however this should work for many.

      1. Go to Settings, and then tap Display, gestures & buttons (or Display & buttons).
      2. Tap Home and select how you want to open the Menu, which is to press and hold the button.
    • Q: The speed of sound changes depending on sea level/atmospheric pressure/temperature. Please add an option for these.
    • The difference that these changes make to the calculation are so small that it is not worth asking the user to enter them.
    • Q: I want to use this program with my BB gun but cant figure out the settings.
    • The app is aimed at lead pellets however if you can find the correct BC and weight values for the pellets you are using the program may work for you.
      Some example BBs are below however these are just estimates.

      .43gr 6mm bb = .012
      .36gr 6mm bb = .010
      .30gr 6mm bb = .008
      .25gr 6mm bb = .007
      .20gr 6mm bb = .005
      .12gr 6mm bb = .003